Our Story…

Fuzzy Bukkets Rescue Cat Head LogoWe are Fuzzy Bukkets Rescue, Inc. The name comes from my Mom who always called cats “fuzzy buckets.” My name is Deborah and I’m the President of Fuzzy. There are 3 other volunteers and we collectively take care of 50 cat colonies.

We take care of homeless animals. And, homeless people when we come across them. We take any injured animal and get them to the proper rescue group or the ER Vet. We participate in TNR (trap, neuter, return). We deal with No More Homeless Pets since they give us the rescue rate for spay and neuter. Each trapped cat gets an examination, neutered/spayed, and vaccinated for $25. Sounds like a great price, and it is, but multiply that by the number of cats we trap and it adds up fast. This is in addition to the $350-$500 each of our volunteers spends for food each week. We’ve had to stop trapping several times due to lack of funds.

We pick up and re-home any newly dropped cats and kittens. We “steal” kittens from colonies when they are around six weeks old to tame and re-home. In fact I have several right now that need homes. But not just any home; these kittens only know humans as those big things that scream at them and throw things. I am the only “nice” human they know. They need homes where their new parents will understand their fear and are patient with them. Once they realize you will not hurt them, you’ll have a friend for the rest of their lives.

These cats did not ask to be homeless. People did this to them. The same people that cuss at us, run us off the road and put poison on the food we leave. Some people are great, some even help with food or money. And, if you’re here you’re very likely one of them. You understand what we are doing and appreciate it. We’d like to tell you, EVERY little bit helps…even if it’s only words of encouragement!

Thanks for stopping by the site and reading this intro. Please continue into the site to see some of the adorable cats we have for adoption.

7 thoughts on “Our Story…

  1. Hello Deborah, I have a kitten that I found on my porch w/ a badly wounded leg and it’s getting worse. It’s gonna die. I’ve no moey for a vet and need fast help! Please contact me if you can. Thanks -Troy


    • Hello Troy,

      We’re sorry to hear about the kitten! Thank you for watching out and trying to get help for the little one. Please contact No More Homeless Pets as they offer vet care. We hope he/she recovers!


  2. I jut got home from a 6 month deployment and there are about 6 little kittens around, maybe 2 months old. How can I catch them and get them fixed before that number is greatly multiplied??


  3. Hello..a friend of mine is going away to training and then will be deployed, and she has no one that can care for her older boy. He is 10 and front declawed. What can we do? I would take him but I have 3 of my own already.


    • Hello. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I believe there are several sites your friend can register for specifically for those in the military where they can be matched up with people who will foster their pets. Did your friend find someone?


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